Of tailored jeans, Sundanese food, volcanic craters and Pak Antis..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | |

 Ages ago, exactly 151 days ago, I was in the land of cheap branded jeans and seriously-over-the-moon-sedap-food....

.........and only now baru upload gambar.. muahahahahaha...

ok, righttt... so for those who didn't get my hints or buat xtau tuh, I actually went to Bandung, Indonesia for a lil vacation with....


mummy, abang, abah..

 so since I was on my hollies, I was in-charge of coming up with an itinerary of what to do there...

I included ALL the must-dos according to various websites and blogs, categorized our destinations according to area, allocated various shops to suit each of my family members and even assigned time limits!!!!

and in the end, we ditched my itinerary and decided to go along with the recommendations of our driver, Pak Antis (which sometimes mummy couldn't remember his name, and even called him yes, Pak Pantis)..

so if people were to ask me what to do in Bandung, I would say:


and of course try out the authentic and super yummy Sundanese and Padang cuisine!!!

so here's a tiny tiny bit of Bandung  =)

our first meal..

so on our final day, we decided to go to Mount Tangkuban Perahu to check out the volcanic craters..

pretty, pretty, pretty view!!!!

we went early in the morning, so the weather was beautiful..

ironically no pics of the view here =(

after mount tangkuban perahu, we were off to Jakarta..

which was totally unplanned ok, cause if we had planned to go there, I would have stayed there another week!!!

so as tourists, we had to go to Hard Rock, Jakarta..

did not take much pics in  Jakarta, maybe next time..

Domo found a new friend!!! guess which one???

     Conclusion (cewah, mcm lab report plak ada conclusion) :  

Had lotsa fun, especially shopping n spending time with the family!!! would so do it again =)

btw, Domo's new friend is the one with the blue mohawk!!!! can u say "Rock On" \m/


Anonymous said...

Cissss...now I seriously want to eat sudanese food :)...Mal, lovely pictures...make me wanna go to Bandung nowwww....tell mummy-booklah flight and get Pak Pantis to bring us around...hehe...

amalyna_teja said...

Hahaha, jom!!!
but now still not safe kot chu..
tggu lar next year..
n btw, his name is not actually pak pantis, hehe..
mumy je got it all confused.. haha..

a k u P OJIE said...


sgt cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk gamabar2 ituueewww

amalyna_teja said...

weeeeeeee... tanx a lot FAUZI!!!!

rohit said...

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