I've got new toys. Muahahahaha.

Sunday, December 12, 2010 | |

Note to self: Photography is an expensive hobby!!!!

New toy #1: Long awaited flash for cammy =)

pic taken from  here

Since lighting has been a big issue for me, I finally got myself (with a bit help from mummy n abah) a flash!!!

Obviously it's a Sony since its so hard to get other flashes that's compatible to Cammy..

Wait a minute, everything lar hard to get since everything is not compatible to Cammy.. 
Balik2 canon, balik2 nikon.. haihhhh...

 But it's exactly what I need and I'm really impressed and satisfied with what it can do =)

Taking portraits is much easier, no more white ghost-like complexion..

And also I finally get to take pics at night, as in outside, in the dark... weee..

Call me jakun, but I was like squealing with delight when I was testing out the wireless flash..

So now cammy dah ada extension, heee..

First pic i took while testing the flash, immediately went back into the shop, took out my wallet and started counting my money..

After years of learning physics, only now i really understand that light travels in a straight line and the whole bouncing light on white surfaces crap =D 

New toy #2:The Diana F+ Deluxe Kit

In conjunction with:

My 21st Birthday

My funky uncles:



Unc Sam

Decided to spoil me by getting me:

Menyibuk jak tangan budak kecik checha nie.. hehe..

can you say "wehooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Had an asthma attack when i don't even have asthma.. ok, lame mal, very lame..


like literally i have everything that is built for the Diana F+

which includes:
• Diana F+
• Diana Flash
• Hotshoe adaptor
• Cable Release Collar and cable release
• Diana Back+ 4 masks for 4 formats
• Viewfinder Adaptor
• Universal Viewfinder
• Fisheye Viewfinder
• Splitzer
• Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
• Diana F+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens
• Diana F+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens
• Close-Up Lens, Diana F+ 110mm Telephoto Lens

So i bought a roll of film, changed to the fisheye lens and started snapping..

And typical kedekut me had to think like a gazillion times b4 actually snapping..

Ya lar, guna film kan, nak ambik gambar pon planning mcam nak rompak bank!!!! not that i've considered it mind you..

When I finally finished my first roll, I sent it to the photo studio in kelana jaya, and eagerly waited for them to develop the roll...

And the outcome:

Taken by mum

oh yes, i'm in love =)


a k u P OJIE said...

suka gilerr yg first pic for Diana F+ tuwww... lawa sgt...

amalyna_teja said...

yay!! tanx eh Fauzi =)
that pic ambk kt a pantai at terengganu..
so pemandangan dah naturally cantik.. hee..

theblogaboutsomething said...

nice to know u r having fun putting ur passion into action ^^,v

n send my regards to aiman

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson

PrettySugar said...

me and izzah look so awesome in fisheye...!!

Yes2Film said...

wow~ Diana F+ full set~!! great