Domo likes sirap BANDUNG!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010 | |

 Encik Domo's 2nd Holiday!!!!!!!!!!

-Destination: Bandung-

Yup, Domo was sooooo excited.. See his smile, and this was like at 5 in the morning =)


First stop: where else, food lar!!!

  At a restaurant called Sambara, Domo had to gulp down many2 cups of jasmine tea as the sambal was super hot...

Domo's fav place, RUMAH MODE!!! went there 4 out 5 days of our stay there...

Domo at Tangkuban Perahu..

Light morning b'fast at a cute little gerai

Domo had some souvenir shopping to do...

I <3 Bandung t-shirts for the dudes..

Crystal necklaces for the dudettes..

Eih eyyyh, Domo dgan x malu nyer berposing dgan some random japanese tourist.. shame lar u..

Domo at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta..

We did travel to Jakarta, but Domo was not able to take many pictures as he was too busy shopping =)

ps: the random japanese tourist is actually my abg


ChiLaBaey's Spot said...

Kunjungan kali pertama di blog awak... Hebat and nice looking blog....

*Jom join contest saya pulak... Hadiah menarik... :)

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cHempaka dewi said...

kiut gilo!