Thursday, May 13, 2010 | |

last post was 3 months ago!!!!
and last time i held cammy was about a month ago!!!
teruk kan?!!
but since my hollies dah start, n i have already vowed to take lotsa pics, hopefully more pics will be posted =)

i have a flickr account!!!
dah lama dah, but only now baru havoc..

ooh ooh,
i am almost on my way to finishing my diploma in food technology!!!!
5 sems down, 1 sem of practical training to goooo!!!
woo hoooooo...
so my next post is mostly gonna be about my university frens and the crazy things we did =)


Freedom Borneo said...

salam kenal ya dari pendatang baru freedom borneo..

ini link blog aku kalau sempat mampir ya

folow saya, tar saya folow balik OK...

cHempaka dewi said...

wah2...lawa la weh gambar2 nih!

amalyna_teja said...

tanx huney!!!