oh, mat ganja..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 | |

yes i know i said that i'm gonna post a post (muaha) with pics of my uni life, tpi since dah upload semua kt my fb, plus frens dah ramai cilok2, so scratch the idea, ok =)

berdasarkan tajuk post saya hari ini, saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda kegembiraan saya apabila dapat memakan(?) makanan yang saya sudah lama sangat-sangat mengidam..

haha, BM time SPM dpt B3 jerh babe, so xcuse the grammar..

moving on, yes, i finally satisfied my gila craving for ipoh's N.A.S.I G.A.N.J.A!!!

hip hip hoooorayhoo!!!!!

this is the chicken version =D

and this is the prawn version..

this is what i had for dessert, yoghurt, fresh strawberries and sprinkles!!!
i hate it when ppl say colored rice..

limau bali, urm dari bali ker?
i underexposed this shot gila2, n liked it =)

oh, while waiting for my mumsy n dadsy to settle fatso's car, i met a new friend!!!!

his name is "mabuk" because he was chained to a tree at a beer warehouse placey..

so pretty sure he had a few sips, eyh..

see, i got him to smile for me =)

this pic was taken through a fence, so hence the x clearness..
had to manual focus this shot to get rid of the ugly metal fence..

p/s: are u drooling?


hellioz said...

am drooling over that dessert


thanx following~

lets walk along eyh?

hellioz said...

u've got a bunch of awesome pic here babe...

the way u snap em all amazed me

the way u snap the food makes em look more sumptuous,
not dull like millions other foto snapper...


gotta reveal em to the world!


amalyna_teja said...

awwww, tenkiuk soo much!!!!
ur welcome, ur blog pown very interesting to read..
ur entries sngt sempoi n funny =)