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org taiping memang sebut Taiping as "Tepeng" ker?


1) old skool buildings and people
2) trully mully MALAYSIAN FOOD that rocks!!!!
3) twisted and very funky tress by the lake
4) the sad lil Taiping Zoo (i only remember the elephants, i don't even think there were other animals there)
5) lorong babi dekat pasar

the town is very old fashioned which is kinda scary for a person who finds the sound of zooming cars and honking of horns at 12am very soothing and totally normal..

the pokok(s) at Taiping are very "magical"!!!!

ehehehe, going up was easy peasy, but getting down was like whoa.. daddy dearest actually had to climb up to hold my hand and help me down..

my model:

my abg!!

jom makan jom:

char kuew tiao dolli, rasa sedap, service lembab nk mati!!

kerang rebus..

mee udang at kuala *something*.. there was sooooo many prawns, smpi mcam kolam udang pulak..

cendol and rojak ansari!!! heaven!!!!


sherah said...

lapar i tgk rojak cendol tu yunk :P

amalyna_teja said...

haha, that's d whole idea!! buat air liur meleleh ckit.. haha..

cHempaka dewi said...

sedap nyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!