DoMo's first HOLIDAY!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009 | |

Meet the latest member of my family..

Nama: Encik Domo bin KaM-eRa Lomo!!!!
(sempena the the whole Lomo collection that abah won't let me buy, and basically cause i'm still terhegeh-hegeh with beloved cammy).

So official "launching" of Domo to the world was when family and i went to Singapore for a mini vaycay..

*tadaaa* a bit scruffy eyh...

buckle up guys!!

sempena singapore is pretty sucky for halal food, Domo's first meal was a BK's mushroom swiss..

Domo's first stay at a hotel was at Raffles Hotel k, pretty lucky son-of-a-gun...

a sight Domo won't be seeing at other hotels.. gin, whisky, vodka, and another whisky..

both of us shared a "hugongeous" queen/king/emperor bed, we slept with 7 pillows surrounding us *heaven*...

domo's breakfast-in-bed (but not actually in the bed lar, our room had a cute dining table).. scrambled eggs, fresh fruit salad, danish pastries, n hot choccy =)

mummy and domo at the bus.. yes, smarty pants (me) planned to go on the bus system in singapore.. we ended up wasting half an hour waiting for the bus..

destination: Singapore Zoo!!!

domo and the Proboscis Monkey..

domo almost being eaten by the white tiger...

Domo tgah kena mkan by the crocodile...

mummy, domo and mr ben & mr jerry =D

funny thing happened to domo while we were at the zoo..

while we were at the orang utan section, mum n i were busy snapping pics of the lazy org utans..

tibe2 kn, mummy nyer muka berubah, the face she gets when she can't find her phone, so naturally i pown panic lar..

then she said "Malyn, my anak hilang!!"..

i pown mcam "heh?", coz i was rite in front of her, and abg was in UTP..

then suddenly i paham, she was refering to Domo!!!

before going to see the org utans, we were on the tram thingy, so my "motherly instincts" told me that he mesti tercicir on the tram ..

so, dgan sifat kesukanan (muahahahaha) dalam diriku, i R-A-N!!!

i ran mcam kena kejar pontianak to the next tram station k (nasib baik x jauh), dgan segala camera2 dan lensa2 dan tripod yg terbentang luas, i ran..

at the back seat of the tram, dear Domo was seating there smiling at me =)

but all in all, Domo had a great time!! he's looking forward for his next holiday!! heee, best part is, mummy found Domo a friend!!!!


:) said...

babe comelnya domo you hahaha suka lah.!macam dulux puya iklan tuh.hehe

amalyna_teja said...

iklan aper ar?
x ingt ar..

:) said...

ada iklan cat ape ntah...dulux kot ntah xtahu lah hehe.domo nih ape ha?mcm pnah tgk tapi mcm xingat.eyyy syg bile nak kua???

natashaliyana said...

hahahahahah happy ending!!
i love happy endingsssss
buat la lagi nanti eh malyn?
i ♥ domo-kun!
good job! great pix!

amalyna_teja said...

domo tuwh mcam kartun lar yang..
kartun famous kt japan kowt..
mner2 g skrg pown dier ader..
eh, check lar fb u, kter planning2 kt fb aite =)

amalyna_teja said...

tanx Tasha!!!!
weeee, domo-kun love is spreading...

will do!!!
kena start planning for next Domo series =)

nurul khairunie said...

dah lama tunggu pictures update dari u! wah semua gambar kreatif.

nurul khairunie likes this!

amalyna_teja said...

heyh nurul,
haha, sy memang ambk masa yang sngt lama to publish a new post..
tanx dear =)