jalan-jalan cari ikan?

Sunday, November 15, 2009 | |


nahhh, belum lgi, still experimenting..

a lil birdie told me that
it's all in the lines..

thanks lil birdie, but i need to know more =)


would have loved to take more pics in "singgie", tpi malangnya saya mengalami demam panas yang amat teruk sekali..

sampai ingatkn h1n1..

alhamdulillah, it wasn't...

but not to worry, family n i are going there soon..

so hey singaporeans, if u see a crazy looking girl with messy2 hair, wearing a long flowy dress, carrying around a huge red camera bag, with my mighty tripod tucked under my armpit, and my trusty "cammy" strapped around my neck, not to worry, it's just me =)

ben and jerry's, at ion orchard =)

ouh, lupa nk ckap.. EXAM DAH HABIS!!!!!!!


nurul khairunie said...

gambar smua lawa2!

amalyna_teja said...

weeee, tanx a bunch!!!

nurul khairunie said...

btw pakai sony juga? model apa

emi.samsudin said...

nice lah
ada architects sket diselit2kan

amalyna_teja said...

nurul: i guna a200 jerh.. how bout u?

emi: ehehehehe, ader ker =)

nurul khairunie said...

amalyna, i'm using a300.