Thursday, May 26, 2011 | |

roti bakar by the beach

on a side note:

1) i absolutely hate it when people tell me what i should do with my life.. 

insyallah i am on d right track and i like it this way.. 
unless ur one of my parents or an elder person (with at least a minimum of a PHD qualification

then u are allowed to have a say, if not, go back to the shadows of my life where u belong k, thanks =)

2) i absolutely hate copycats, unless u r one of my food techie classmates, as we have a mutual understanding when it comes to copying =)

from the smallest things man, even ada org copy my photo album title pon i dah mula emo k..

hey mr or mrs copycat person, if ur reading this, i can tell what ur up to aite.. changing "tea with at 40" to "tea with at 50" tells me that u have no creative juices..

oh snap!!