rubba dubb dubb, singapore in a tub...

Monday, December 28, 2009 | |

a trip to shi-shi-pore (as what echa would say), would always consist of FOOD, charles and keith,
takashimaya, a trip to mustafa at 4am, polite taxi drivers, jalan2 kat orchard, coolly mooly buildings and one thing that my family and i never fail to do is to reminisce about the time when we were staying there..

all of which i enjoy very much =)

so, ini singapura according to malyn!!!!!

while abah was bz attending his meetings here n there, mum and i went to singapore zoo!!!!

since i nie macam animal freak skit, i was very happy =)

ouh btw, singapore zoo sngt cantik, so if u guys r goin down to singapore, g lar to their zoo..

the Proboscis munkay..
this is a male i think, the females nyer noses mcam elf punya nose..

now will u kiss my butt?

sumpah this lioness looked at me and licked her lips..
i must have looked like a giant steak to her..

excuse me mr lion, i think your drooling a bit..

uuuh uuuh, i serious sumpah suka sngat the white tigers!!!
diaorg sngt cantek ok..
mata diaorg biru..
and they reminded me of my beloved buju =(

very romantic =)


i named him @ her sparkly..

i think bler i da tua nnti n if i kaya raya kan (aminn), i want a white tiger at my house..
confirm org2 jahat x brani nak dekat kn..

if i had to sum up singapore in 1 word, i would say it's C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L

the ceiling at's..

outside ion orchard..

ok2, nie abg punya idea..
i tukang melaksanakan
nnti he bising (and do that weird thing with his eyebrows) if i x give him any credit..

this was taken while mum n i were on the singapore flyer..
30 singgies to go on a ride that overlooks a huge construction site?
i don't think so...

eh, baru ku sedar..
that i (amalyna teja bt kelana) didn't take any pics of food..
well, that's a first..

PARAMORE is performing in singapore in march, awat lar hang x mai malaysia nohhh!!!!