I'm ready for my close up

Saturday, August 29, 2009 | |

i {heart} animals...


especially cute, cuddly, furry, warm-blooded mammals..

i think it all started when mummy used to let me watch "Lamb Chop" when we were in the states..

blur lar, nie lar akibatnyer gner long lens then tibe2 ader bnda dekat yg nk ambk, n tak sempat nak tukar lens...

all shots were taken using my be-loved Sony 35-300 mm lens

no cropping, except for the bear with its tounge dangling


idham said...

nice photo shoot...lagi2 bear tu.panjang gaban die nye lidah..hhohohoho

amalyna_teja said...

hee.. tanx!!
tuwh lar, nsib baek smpat snappp sblum dier glung blik lidah dier =)

emi.samsudin said...

its so gr8t!
i luv it!

amalyna_teja said...